Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Master A.J. (Strong Eagle), Tydomus, shadow and jazira are pleased to announce the official opening of the Santa Clara County MAsT chapter.
We are a pansexual organization dedicated to supporting, assisting, educating, and providing fellowship with those who seek to learn more about or celebrate the Master/slave dynamic in their lives.

We are an invitation only group, and encourage those who believe that they would benefit from our organization to contact concerning membership.

Founded in May, 2007, we are a young new group and part of the 2007 reorganization as MAsT leadership moves from House Kepplar to the leadership of Master Conrad. We are thrilled to work with the steady and capable Masters and slaves that have gone before us in providing a place for us all to share, grow, and support each other.

AJ and shadow considered this honor for months before making the commitment to found a local chapter here in the South SF Bay area, and then waited for the Universe to guide them to Tydomus and jazira as the perfect co-directors in this venture. All of them are committed to the power exchange of M/s and the ideals of respect, trust, communication, service, and honor that have been traditionally associated with M/s within the "Old Guard" leather world they have been exposed to.
That ideal has led them to MAsT, and in turn, to share what they feel with others.
We hope that this is a learning haven, a social connection, and a supportive environment. We are *not* a dating service or a fundraising group nor politically involved to any degree. We are invitation only at this time, although we encourage those who are interested to contact us for more info.
Meetings are monthly on the first Sunday from 4 to 6 PM (subject to change by group caveat) in private homes. Directions will be sent to those who RSVP from the membership.
We ask that everyone bring a dish/drink to share and come with questions, possible topics for discussion, or interesting articles to share about the Power Exchange life choice.
For more information contact or

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